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I am Chinmayie. I am the cook, photographer and writer behind this blog. My food blog ‘Love Food Eat’ is over 2 years old and it is all about the ‘Loving the food you eat’.


About My Blog

‘Love Food Eat’ is a vegetarian food blog with lots of healthy recipes, which are all cooked with love in my own kitchen. I believe in eating simple real/whole food, which is made from scratch at home. I strive to eat locally grown, seasonal, fresh and sustainable food whenever possible. We switched to Organic Food some time back so all my latest recipes are mostly organic. You will also find a lot of Vegan recipes on this blog as I consciously try to eat as much plant based food as possible for environmental and ethical reasons.

Here at ‘Love Food Eat’, cooking is a lot more than just whipping up a quick meal. The food we eat defines who we are. We really enjoy cooking as a relaxing unwinding activity that the whole family enjoys and celebrates together. We like to live unhurriedly and eat slow food.


My Recipes

The recipes at Love Food Eat range from very authentic Havyaka cooking to innovative/experimental vegan baking. While on a day-to-day basis, I am very content eating humble regional food that I grew up on; I am very passionate about global cuisine and new ingredients. I absolutely love to experiment in the kitchen. As all my friends and family know, I can never really follow a recipe and there is always a little signature twist in them, which is my own. Since I create recipes spontaneously deepening on my mood and what’s around me, I can almost never cook the same thing twice.


About Me

I have loved cooking and eating all my life! I was born and raised in Puttur a small town near Mangalore. I moved to Bangalore to study and have lived here ever since. I discovered my true love for cooking when I started living on my own and had to cook by myself for the first time. Starting from bread and egg to Maggi noodles, I moved on to try all recipes I could lay my hands on.

I grew up eating hearty vegetarian Havyaka food. After more than 10 years of cooking and eating food from all over the world, I remain a vegetarian and a south Indian comfort food lover at heart till this date.

I now live in South Bangalore with my husband and daughter (expecting my second currently) and they both share my love for food. I am a former graphic designer who now is a full time mother. We are homeschooling our 4 year old daughter and when I am not blogging I am busy painting/reading/playing or running around with her. I am passionate about parenting, children, education and learning.


About Photography

All photos in ‘Love Food Eat’ are my own unless stated otherwise.

I picked my first DSLR just a couple of months before I started the blog to as a hopelessly in love new mother who wanted to capture every single moment of her daughter’s life. After starting this blog I spent hours learning about food photography, colours, composition etc. After 2 years, food photography is as important to ‘Love Food Eat’ as it’s recipes!

My photography has strong influences from my art and design background. My photos are very minimal, uncluttered and most of the time, dark/ moody. I like hard shadows and rustic styling. I am not into elaborate food styling and I like playing with colours, forms and textures in the food and the lighting around.

I have a Canon 550D with a 50mm 1.8 lens. I take all my photos with just natural light. I have no other gadget or equipment and no formal training. I am a completely self-taught food photographer.



My blog is open for promotions and advertising of food products provided it goes with my food philosophy and belief. I am completely against mass produced, ecologically harmful, overly processed, unhealthy food so I would not be interested in reviewing such products on my blog. But if you have a new interesting product which is healthy/sustainable/organic and related to food, I would be thrilled to try it out and share information with my readers.

There was a time when I loved eating out but with time I have slowly grown over it and I prefer home cooked meals over restaurant food any day! I might not be interested in trying every new restaurant in town and blogging about it. If it’s something really unique and if I feel it’s worth braving Bangalore traffic and spending my precious few hours away from my daughter, I might consider it.

Please don’t invite me to your restaurant and send me a product and assume that it’s going to appear on my blog. It’s completely my decision if it’s worth sharing it with my readers. I do not want to be used as a free marketing tool by anybody unless it’s something I want to experience and learn from.


Freelance Work

I am interested in taking up Food Photography and Food writing projects, which are exciting and challenging. I would prefer assignments, which allows me to work (shoot or write) from home.

My blog is my portfolio and if this is what you are looking for, write to me!


Get in Touch

I am humbled by all the emails/messages/comments I receive from all you readers! At any given time, I have a dozen of them in my inbox waiting to be answered. With my latest decision to spend less time on the computer, it’s getting very difficult to write back to all of you.

So if you have written to me and wondered why I never wrote back, all I want to say is “I am sorry!” I want each one of you to know that I am trying hard to get back to as many people as possible every day but a few emails go unanswered once in a while.

Please remember that hearing from you all means a lot to me. Even when I don’t write back I ALWAYS read all the emails/messages.

Keep them coming to keep me going…


Write to me – Chinmayie.bhat@gmail.com

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  • Amy

    Very cool site, very cool recipes. You can easily do the same thing for diabetics or gluten. Thank’s a lot.

    Do you have any recipes for mint dessert? I love fancy desserts especially with mint flavor.

  • Shanku Pillai

    Nice blog Chinmayie, stumbled up on this searching for different jack fruit seed drying methods. Nice photos and simple recipes… Also liked the whole look and feel of the blog meaning I now rmbr the left alone forgotten blog of mine and feels like writing again….

    keep up the great work and I see you enjoy doing so which is the best

  • Jeevah Hassan

    Hi There,

    I am looking for a range of Healthy Food. Need to get in touch with you. Could you please whatsapp(+60108040082 or cal me (+65 94847943 or +6012 3077164.

    Appreciate if you could get in touch with me asap.

    Thank you & Best Regards
    Jeevah Hassan

  • sunita saraf

    hey chinmayie
    i have emailed you too
    again lovely pics
    wish u were here to take my product pics

  • shibu ponneth

    Beautiful recipe’s. Good Luck 🙂

  • Priya Raj

    Hi got this Blog from Google. Your writing style is awesome. Simple Presentation with good details. Keep Posting.

  • Tina

    Hi chinmayie..Wishing u a safe delivery.May God Almighty bless you with a sweet and healthy baby.

  • Vijaya

    Hi Chinmayei,

    I was looking for Vitamin soppu and came across your blog.Love your pics and recipes.I am Havyaka too. Are you related to Urimajal family?

  • smitha kalluraya

    hi Chinmayee,
    stumbled to ur blog while searching something..nw im very happy for that..
    u have a very good collection n awesome clicks. Me too frm puttur n a pure veg.
    Do visit my blog..

  • Manas

    Hi Chinmayie,
    Jst. Happened to click on ur blog n mst say like everyone else grt photography n loved the variety of dishes u ve posted .
    So nice to know that our old style reciepes r portrayed so well!
    Way to go!

    Richmond USA

  • katja

    hi chinmayle.

    luckily i just stumbled on your blog while researching why people switch (or not) to organic food..
    amazing photos!! and can’t wait to try your recipes!

    greetings from san diego!

    • Divya Suresh

      Hi Chinmaye,
      Came across your website while googling for south indian receipes…..what can I say apart from “EXCEPTIONAL…..LOVELY”…really great job…dreaming that (may be you can try) for a hotel/restaurant with these lovely ,healthy,traditionl receipes in modern way like bhavans/café…..have not come across a good restaurant in Chennai which serves ragi dosai-brahmi chutney combo……mouth watering!!!!!!!!!!!!!!keep up your great work……CINEMATIC AND UNBELIVABLE PHOTOS

  • Kamini

    Hey, I just joined Jhatpat recipes on FB and came across your blog. I’m not a big foodie but I do like cooking but more than your delicious recipes, I love your photos. Beautiful! Also was happy to find lots of vegan recipes on your blog since I am a vegan! Have already ziplisted a ton of your recipes. Just wanted to let you know. 🙂

  • Vindya

    Chinmayie ,
    Thanks for the sprouted Horse gram curry recipe. It was sooooo… fabulous. My American husband love…….s it… He is Vegan, trying to get there.. appreciate your vegan recipes..
    Thank You,

  • sangeetha

    Awesome blog.. LOVELY written.. Well presented.. I also belong to place nearby puttur.. Happy to follow you.. 🙂

  • Navya

    Hi Chinmayie,

    A friend recommended your blog to me!Knowing you are a banglorean too got me excited, thinking it would be another food blog about Dosa, Idli and good old Kannadigara dishes – I was so pleasantly surprised at the recipes in your blog. I m sure you have heard many people commenting on your lovely artistic photos and the simplistic recipes ! what got me really interested is your minimalistic kind of cooking! When we google for healthy recipes online – we rarely see an Indian Food Blog out there – and I always assumed that a healthy indian breakfast is Idli – you have inspired me to try out your healthy salads – so simple with local ingredients! Congrats on your pregnancy ! keep up your good work – I am fan!

  • Sridhar

    found your blog as I was looking for foxtail millets in pinterest. great recipes and awesome clicks…inspires me to pick a dslr…

  • Paru Mahtani

    Hi Chinmayie
    I found your blog through Kankana’s blog. Your photos are amazing and I’m sure your food is too! I will be following you for sure.
    I am a card maker and craft teacher and started with photography to photograh my cards, but it has become a passion/obsession!!
    See you around!Good luck!

  • ambica

    Hi Chinmayie,

    Have loved your blog since a long time but i dont know if i ever told you. In fact, i posted on my blog about you sometime in 2011 and even made the salad later and posted that too. 🙂 Love your recipes and pictures and the colors and textures. And that all the food is vegan or eggless – saves me the trouble of having to experiment.

    Gorgeous work… you are very inspiring.

  • Karen Fletcher

    Stunning blog. So glad I found you.
    I am trying to go vegan and you banana oatcakes are busy baking in the oven right now.

  • Chandra Prakash

    Visited today…. blog is simple but “impressive”…keep posting..

  • Michele

    What the calorie fat and fiber for your banana bread. Looks yummy

  • Nandita Pai Shirali

    Hello Chinmayie,
    My first time here, found your space from HBG.Loved your posts on breads and I am addiccted to bread baking too 🙂 Love the variety of breads here and would definitely be trying some of them soon soon! 🙂 And your About Me section… could relate to most points completely… Vegetarian food at home, quick fix recipes, hate following recipe… etc! Am living in Blore too! 🙂 Glad to find u! 🙂

  • Archana Shetty

    Hello Chinmayie,

    I learnt about the blog through Anja, she visited us at the rainforest retreat. I love your blog, the photographs are great! Thank you for sharing the good work. this is the best food blog I have come across for Indian food.

    Warm Regards
    Archana shetty

  • Nazam

    Hey ..u r simply amazing…keep it up!

  • Shri

    Chinmayie found your blog while searching for Aloor dum recipe. Loved the post, and the blog! 🙂
    Sorry am unable to post in Capitals here…

  • Ana


  • chaitra sathyashankar

    i love ur blog. keep experimenting new dishes. so tht i too can try at home. i like north indian, chinese and south indian dishes. try to put some of these dishes in ur blog.

  • Maria

    Hello Chinmayie. Just found your blog and must say I am happy I ran across it. I am quite interested in the Indian gooseberry. is it possible to find the gooseberries here in Atlanta georgia. I’ve been researching and visiting different indian stores but can’t find them anywhere. I’ve gone to a couple of markets to no avail. Please help! if you know of somewhere here or where I could possibly purchase them online, i would greatly appreciate it. i would like to have the actual fruit, if possible, but will be pleased with any edible form i can get. i love the benefits of this fruit and mentioned it to everyone i can think would benefit from it as well. many Thanks for any help you can give. 🙂

    • Vava

      Dried and frozen Amla is available in almost any indian store in America, so strange you didn’t find it…

  • ಶಿವಕುಮಾರ


  • nadia

    It’s really interesting how most of us start from bread and egg to Maggi noodles 🙂

    You’ve got a great blog, Chinmayie. Keep it up!

  • Sudha MALIK

    Chanced upon your blog while looking for an answer to whether navane is same as quinoa.
    Your site ia amazing! I am a pure vegetarian by birth kannadiga married to a punjabi.

    I really liked your blog as Its after my philosophy of eating fresh and local and seasonal.
    Also the fact that your recipes are simple,quick.
    I live in Delhi but in Bangalore every second month as my mother lives alone in JP nagar.
    Look fwd to reading more of your recipes.

  • Neilly Rosenblum

    Lovely blog!! Thank you so much for taking the time to post your approachable recipes and beautiful photography!!

  • Surbhi

    Hi, I’m glad I came across your blog .You have done a great job and yes I must say beautiful pictures 🙂 too

  • Hannah

    Hi Chinmayie,

    What a lovely blog you have! Your photos are beautiful, too.

    I’ve visited Bangalore and Mangalore before and I just love South Indian food.

    I look forward to checking out more of your recipes.

    Have a great weekend!

  • Scarlett O'hara

    Hopped over here after finding you on Twitter. Very delighted to see the blog, the recipes, and your food pics. (this pic of yours is dazzling, btw)

    Am a Mangalorean too, a Shivalli brahmin, so I cook vegetarian food only. Am going to come here very often to pick up recipes , and yes I’ll give credit in my posts 🙂

  • Revati

    Great blog Chinmayie! very inspiring for someone like me who has only just started cooking when I moved out of home, and suddenly discovered how much I actually love it..

  • Sharanya

    lovely blog. I am a manglorean..feels like home to see some authentic recipes 🙂

  • arundati

    stumbled here through material girl’s blog! my god! i was missing some serious action. this blog is fantastic! easy to make recipes and fantastic pictures! keep up the fabulous work chinmayie… you will see me a lot more here!

  • Vera

    Dear Chinmayie,

    Your blog was a wonderful discovery the other day as I was looking for a cake with beetroot… I really enjoy your explorations and am delighted with your not following recipes to the letter. I cook in a similar way, except for sweets, where I tend to respect the measurements.

    Thank you for the freshness, originality, wonderful photos, warmth, and, most of all, your love of life!

    Wishing you and your family lots of joy!

  • The Backyard Baker

    Hi Chinmayie,

    Lovely blog. It is a treat to one’s eyes….
    Your photographs speak that you a graphic designer. A designer who is a foodie and a good cook is such a deadly combination 🙂
    Nice to know you.
    I lie in Delhi and am an advertising professional myself. Besides food blogging i run an ad agency.

    – Gauri Jayaram

  • Cara

    What a beautiful blog! I just love your pictures and recipes–they look so good! I cannot wait to try some of them 🙂

  • Chandana


    Ashwini sent me the link of this website and I love what you’ve created! Will try some of your recipes for sure.


  • smitha

    hi chimayie,
    we are so happy to see your blog!!it has got wonderful recipes with fantastic photography!!
    My kids and me really enjoyed today looking at it..They say its really mouthwatering and said “Mom,you have to do these recipes..and its really a nice name for Saatu!!
    Actually I am your relative, though we haven’t met.My grandmother is your grandmothers elder sister.I am from Badanaje,(shankar bhats daughter)now settled at bcroad near mangalore.
    My two gorgeous kids are in 8th and 3rd std.
    All the best chinmayie..

    • Chinmayie

      Thank you SO much for visiting my blog Smitha! SO happy to ‘meet’ you like this 🙂 Glad you all like my blog and photos so much. All my recipes are really simple and easy to make. Please try them out and let me know how you like them!

  • Nash at Plateful

    Hey, nice to meet you Chinmaye. Albeit virtually! I’m living in Qatar and my best friends are from Manglore, so it’s a real delight to come across your blog 🙂 Before I babble too much, lemme tell you this – love your pics! You’ve inspired me to buy that DSLR SOON! I’ve just completed 6 months of blogging and I’m still using my p&s. Boring eh? Hmm, had a quick look at your recipes and everything looks tempting. Of course due credit to your gorgeous pics.. 😉

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