‘Baalekai Dose’, Green Banana Dosa/Crêpe (Vegan + Gluten Free + 2 Ingredients), a guest post for ‘Spices and Aroma’



‘Baalekai Dose’, Green Banana Dosa


Breakfast has always been a very important meal in India. We take our breakfast very seriously. Many of our non-indian friends find it hard to believe that  we are ready to have a full meal first thing in the morning.

Through out my childhood, I remember waking up in the morning and asking her “What’s for breakfast?” every single day. Unlike what it’s made to look like these days, there was no ‘chasing children’ to force feed breakfast! My brother and I would happily eat our breakfast before heading to school.


‘Baalekai Dose’, Green Banana Dosa


Today, though I am not a big breakfast eater, I cook hot breakfast everyday just like my mom. I can never have a cold breakfast! Cereals and porridges just don’t cut it as well. To me a breakfast will always be a savory South Indian snack or ‘Tiffin’ as we call it. Steaming hot freshly made breakfast every morning is the only reason for me to eat in the morning. One of the most common breakfast while growing up was Dosa.


‘Baalekai Dose’, Green Banana Dosa


Today I am sharing the recipe of one of my all time favorite Dosas! It’s a ‘Baalekai Dose’ or Green Banana Dosa. This Dosa is very easy to make and the recipe is very simple. It has just 2 ingredients, just green bananas and raw rice! Yes… it’s that simple. What’s better? It doesn’t even need to be fermented! They are gluten free, vegan and very healthy.

These dosas are made thin and crisp and are served most of the time with coconut chutney. So there are recipes for 2 coconut chutneys too along with it.


2 kinds of coconut chutneys


I am sharing these recipes at Vijitha’s beautiful blog ‘Spices and Aromas’ today. Vijitha’s blogs mainly traditional South Indian recipes, which as you all know is the cuisine closest to my heart. I think my Dosa recipe will fit in perfectly well in her blog!

Head over to her space for more information on Dosas, why they are popular, other kinds of Dosas from my region, lots of photos and of course the recipes! 


Click Here for the recipe!



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  • Kiran @ KiranTarun.com

    Comfort food! I love dose, and this is what I usually crave every now and then :)

  • Shri

    Chinmayie you have a beautiful blog. Loved this post.
    I liked the picture of the hands because it has captured a certain character and truth.

  • Hari Chandana

    Woww.. looks absolutely amazing.. beautiful pictures too.. :)

  • Manju

    Never heard of a raw banana dosa till date….I’m glad I saw one now. Dosa is a staple at home and I love trying new versions. Love your blog and have been a silent follower for sometime now. Heading over to Vijitha’s blog to check out the recipe :-)


  • Dipti Joshi

    How is it taste? Never thought of raw banana in dosa..Is it traditional or …invented recipe?

  • Maria

    What a great breakfast to start your day I will surely try raw banana dosas as never tried this way :) I also love hot breakfast and love it more if someone makes for me rest of day I love to cook but not mornings.

  • Charul @ Tadka Masala

    I have to say that the chutneys intrigued me more than the dosa. Yummy looking chutneys. Dosa sounds simple and easy. I have never cooked with green banana, probably I should start with this. :)

  • dassana

    like you i have always had hot & warm breakfasts. i cannot have cold breakfasts.. so its always some indian breakfast food in the morning and idli-dosa happens to be a regular food. loved all the clicks. shall try this dosa recipe in some time.

  • Deesha

    sounds amazing. We make Baale Dindina dose. I must try this

  • Joanna

    must try!

  • simi

    awesome post…loved the rustic clicks

  • Swati Sapna

    Chinmayie! The Dosa looks smashing, girl :) I’m a South-Indian too and totally agree with you on the hot steaming breakfast concept :) But must admit, have never heard of a raw banana dosa! Dying to try it out… And heading to ‘Spices and Aroma’ right away to check the whole post out!

  • Saee Khandekar

    I’ve never eaten a raw banana dosa! This sounds so easy to do and I can almost hear the crispness! Totally making it this week.

    Like you, I grew up on hot, steaming breakfasts, so to this day, I can never start a day without a good breakfast. It keeps my energy levels maintained for the rest of the day.

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