Cardamom Scented White Coconut Cake




White Coconut Cake

Growing up in costal Karnataka, Coconut was an integral part of my food. Coconut was used in almost all recipes, from dosas to curries! My meals weren’t complete without a dose of freshly grated coconut! Though I really enjoy them in every possible form, I was a little apprehensive about baking with them. But my husband LOVES coconut in everything, from salads to cakes!

I usually don’t bake cakes like these but this time I wanted to bake something sweet, white and fluffy, just like the regular cakes from our neighboring bakery, just for my husband!

But that didn’t mean I was not going to bake a cake full of butter and eggs… I have in fact stopped baking with eggs. I have realized that eggless recipes can be as good as the regular cakes with eggs. Baking with oil instead of butter is also becoming a habit. I wanted to bake a delicious coconut cake sans eggs and butter!

I had baked Aparna’s custard powder snack cake sometime back and really enjoyed it. I decided to keep that recipe as a base and then develop a new recipe for my coconut cake. I improvised it quite bit to suit my taste and I must say it turned out fantastic!

It’s extremely lite and fluffy. As I used coconut milk, coconut oil and fresh/desiccated coconut in the cake it has an intoxicating intense coconut flavor. I used a tiny amount of cardamom to compliment the coconut flavor which makes the cake even more exotic! Feel free to replace it with vanilla for a different twist. All purpose flour and white sugar results in a gorgeous white cake. It’s moist, airy and every bite has coconut in it!  I dusted the cake with sugar powdered with cardamom but I am sure it’ll be great even with a heavy frosting 😉 go for it if you are feeling indulgent!

Like most of my recipes this is also really easy to make and relatively healthier. This is a real treat for all coconut lovers! What makes it even more special is that its vegan!

Make this egg-free, diary-free White Coconut Cake scented with Cardamom for that someone special in your life today! It’s worth it 🙂



with coconut milk, coconut oil and fresh/desiccated coconut...



It has an intense coconut flavor



with a hint of cardamom!



extremely lite and fluffy



moist, airy and coconut in every bite!


[typography font=”Cantarell” size=”24″ size_format=”px” color=”#b36f98″]Ingredients:[/typography]

  • 1 ½ cups all purpose flour
  • ¾ cup corn starch
  • 1 cup fresh/desiccated coconut
  • ¾ cup white sugar
  • 2 tsp baking soda
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp arrowroot powder
  • 1 tsp powdered cardamom seeds
  • 1 ½ cups coconut milk
  • ½ cup coconut oil


Combine all the dry ingredients and mix well. Now add the coconut milk and coconut oil and stir it all together.  Pour into a greased round pan and bake at 160 degree C. Cook for up to 45 minutes or till the tooth pick inserted comes out clean. Keep a close eye for the last 5-10 minutes and try your best to avoid the top getting golden.

Once done, let it cool on a rack and dust with powdered sugar.

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  • Marie

    Hi! I tried the recipe and the cake was delicious straight out of the oven. The combination of coconut and cardamom flavours was beautiful. However, the cake solidified at room temperature and became dense and chewy, not light and fluffy. Coconut oil solidifies at 24°C, and since room temperature in Canada, where I live, is more like 19°C, I think the coconut oil hardened the cake. Next time, I will substitute the coconut oil for vegetable oil, unless I plan on serving it immediately.

    • Chinmayie

      Oh… I am sorry Marie. India is always warm so I never thought about the cake solidifying… You can always warm the cake before serving though.

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  • Christa

    This was my first time baking something that looked more than presentable, tasted good, and demands to be cooked again… Thank you! :):)

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  • Shoba Shrinivasan

    Hi Chinmayie,

    First tme on your page and I love love coconut! I fell for the title of this post…coconut, cardamom and you had got me there! Lovely eggless version and I shall try this one out pretty soon!


  • Lindsey@Lindselicious

    This cake sounds delish! It looks so pretty and refined too- Love the cardamon flavor too. YUM!

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  • Gabrielle

    Lovely looking cake! Saw it on foodgawker and I knew I just HAD to bake it. it’s in the oven now and I can’t wait to have a slice. 25 minutes to go, oh man…

  • Elise

    This looks sooo good…and I ‘think’ I have all the ingredients!! I’ve been eating thai food all week with lots of coconut rice, so I think this will round off that theme just perfectly!

  • Rosa

    I love the flavor of cardamom! Your cake must taste divine. It looks so moist, fluffy and delicious.



  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    You are so lucky coconut was used in almost all recipes. I want to have meals like that everyday… I love coconut and cardamom happens to be my favorite spice too! I don’t normally bake cake (as you probably know) but this is super tempting…

  • sara

    Love this idea! I love the idea of combining coconut with cardamom. YUM.

  • Luv'n Spoonfuls

    I think this must be what they will be serving in Heaven…looks so divine, light and angelic! I would say sinfully delicious, but that doesn’t go 😉 I LOVE how this sounds (and looks) and am bookmarking this for a special occasion. I love simple but incredible tasting desserts! I’m having mine without the frosting though, looks perfect as is. I think the French have three words for this: ooh, la and la 😉

  • Junia @ Mis Pensamientos

    i love the vegan cake here! arrowroot goes so well with coconut flour :D. delicious cake recipe!

  • Sasha @ The Procrastobaker

    This looks WONDERFUL! I have everything needed for this cake and i adore the flavours that it contains, i cant wait to give this a shot sometime soon 🙂

  • alana

    this looks lovley, what a wonderful combination of flavours! dream cake!

  • anushruti

    Love coconut! Love cardamom! Love love food eat! Love this cake too! Can I have a slice please?

  • Brooke

    Coconut? Yes! Cardamom? Super Yes! This looks beautiful and sounds super yummy. I subbed coconut oil in some sugar cookies I made last week. I loved how coconutty and chewy they were. Now I’ve just got to get my hands on some fresh coconut…

    • Brooke

      Hey, whaddaya know! I found fresh coconut at my local market today! Super excited! I hope I got enough to get 1C fresh meat from!

  • Yasmeen @ Wandering Spice

    Wow, I love cardamom, I love coconut… thanks for creating this beautiful marriage! Looks so delicate and elegant. A must-try.

  • Richa@HobbyandMore

    the cake looks lovely! and amazing pictures as always!

  • Sneh | Cook Republic

    The cake looks so delicate and fluffy. I can only imagine the blissful coconut taste. Coconut and cardamom is such a beautiful flavour combination! Thnx for sharing. On my to bake list!

  • nags

    that looks like a coconut-lover’s dream on a plate!

  • Tanvi@SinfullySpicy

    I will have to make this one for P asap. He is BiGGEST coconut fan on earth! With cardamom- super ..Me likey! 🙂

  • tandteacake

    I love the simplicity and that it’s vegan is an extra plus for me, personally. The cakes with coconut I know ususally tend to be on the dense and heavy sight, but this really looks light and fluffy. I don’t think it really needs any frosting or other additions. Maybe a thin layer of dark chocolate glaze but only because it goes so well with coconut. 🙂



  • Sharmilee! :)

    Flavourful n yummy cake

  • Reese@SeasonwithSpice

    Chinmayie – I happened to bake a similar coconut cake last week too! Well, mine was more like a pie, scented with lemon zest instead of cardamom. Your coconut cake is calling out for me since I love everything with coconut. But, I will have to wait till we finish with the plum cake in the fridge first. Love your nice & clean pictures of the cake.

  • Peachie

    i will have to bake this for my hubby too!It sure looks very light and airy! and i must say that i love your recipes as I’ve been replacing butter with light olive oil recently. Am not too sure if i’ll be able to find coconut oil here but i think olive oil should work too.

  • Saee Koranne-Khandekar

    One of my fav. combinations! Loved the addition of coconut milk. WIll try soon–have a pack of dessicated coconut to finish!

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