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Genasaale – Steamed Rice Cakes Stuffed with Coconut & Jaggery, a guest post for Radhika of ‘Just Home Made’



{Due to a recent virus attack I lost a whole bunch of recipe on my blog. I am slowly working on posting them back one by one. I am going to start with the recipes I am getting most requests for. If you remember/want to try one of my earlier recipes which is now not in this blog please write to be at chinmayie.bhat@gmail.com and i’ll try to post it as soon as possible. I am basically just going to re-post the recipe as it was. So some of the content might not be so relevant today but my intention is to get them all back  and I  have over 80 posts to re-blog. Thank you! }




I still remember seeing Radhika’s blog ‘Just Home Made  for the first time. I spent a long time browsing recipes and was glad I found such an amazing blog with great recipes and even better photography! I wrote to her on twitter telling her how much I loved her blog and got a very cheerful reply back. We immediately connected as we both are from the same city. I have been in touch with her ever since and it’ sheen so great knowing her. I enjoy each and every post of hers and I am  huge fan of her amazing photography and styling. I love her detailed recipes with all the required notes. Her posts clearly reflect the amount of research and thought she has put into each one of them. Whenever I see curry leaves I remember herCurry plantpost and Sakkare acchu had never looked better than her’s! I have made her Bisibele Bath’ and I can confidently say that’s it’s been the best out of all the dozen variations I have tried.


coconut-jaggery-mixture for genasaale


I am completely honored to be guest posting for her incredible blog. Radhika asked me if i could share a childhood favorite recipe of mine and it took me almost a month to finalize on one recipe! I just couldn’t think of something special enough to be on her blog and I am still quite nervous about coming up with good enough photos to match her standard.


How to make genasaale


After a lot of thought I picked ‘Genasaale’ for my guest post. There are several foods from our childhood which are more dear to us now than before. While growing up we never realize how special they are. But later on when we look back, we can see the amount of care, precision, labour and love went into it when our mothers made it and suddenly it becomes a childhood favorite!  ‘Genasaale’ is one such recipe. It was made on special occasions and loved every time.


How to make genasaale


Head over to Radhika’s blog for the recipe of Genasaale!
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