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I had told you all about how my husband is not very happy about me leaning A LOT towards healthy baking. Now it was my cousin who was complaining! She said she didn’t want my blog recipes! She was coming home and I had to bake her something very ‘unhealthy’ and tasty! Lol

I said yes! I asked her if chocolate muffins sounded good!

But of course it wasn’t going to be unhealthy! I just can’t bring myself to bake something which I can’t indulge in without guilt. After all the hard work I like to sit back and have a few or more muffins myself ;)

These muffins are again, egg less, butter less and whole wheat! I used some freshly brewed strong coffee to it as chocolate and coffee are the perfect lovers According to me. To give it a new twist I used some toasted crushed peanuts!

After baking this batch of muffins, I am beginning in to feel like I am finally getting some basics of baking!  I kind of feel confident about being able to make my own recipes. These muffins turned out great! Coffee intensified the chocolate flavor and I loved the addition of peanuts in them. They do have a very strong peanut flavor so make them only if you love peanuts! I felt that they could have a little more oil to make them a little richer and more moist so you could increase oil from ½ cut to ¾ cup if you like. Use regular milk instead of soy-milk if you are not a vegan and it should be fine.

It tasted a little dry when I tasted it fresh out of the oven and I wasn’t sure if it was good enough to go on my blog. But I tasted it again the next and It tasted much better! Surprisingly a lot softer.

Bake these wonderful vegan, eggless, butter less, whole wheat healthy chocolate muffins when you want to indulge in something chocolaty and sweet!












  • 2cup whole wheat flour
  • 1 cup sugar
  • ½ cup cocoa
  • ½ cup crushed plain roasted peanuts
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 1tsp baking powder
  • ¼ tsp salt


  • ½ – ¾ cup oil
  • 1 cup coffee
  • ½ cup soy milk


Mix all the dry ingredients in a bowl. In a separate bowl mix all the wet ingredients well.

Pour the wet ingredients to the dry ingredients. Mix till combined. Don’t over mix it.

Spoon the batter into a greased muffin tray and bake at 180°C for 20- 25 minutes or till the toothpick inserted comes out clean.

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  • Bhakti

    Looks great!! Can we replace soy milk with coconut milk?

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    [...] typical me-fashion, I’m not going to stick with just a plain old chocolate recipe. When I saw this recipe for chocolate muffins with coffee and peanuts, I could almost feel the kick of caffeine [...]

  • Crystal

    Ok so I just tried these last night. This was the first Vegan recipe I have ever made and they turned out rather good! I did trade the oil for 1 cup of no sugar added apple sauce, just to cut a few calories. Thanks for the recipe!

  • Joyce

    I’ve been wanting to test out more recipes that are healthier and it seems that I think this one would be a great one to start with! I’ve tried butterless/no oil cookies with the use of bananas, but to be honest… they were more like muffin tops. Any suggestions?

    • Chinmayie

      Thank you Joyce! I really haven’t tried many cookie recipes before so have no suggestions for you :( will try some soon and post them here though :)

  • jess white

    These are fascinating. I’m used to seeing home-made vegan cakes which, frankly, look a bit flat and unappealing. I like how you used bicarb soda and baking powder, i bet they were delicious!!

  • Debbie

    Do you think substituting applesauce for oil would work with this recipe? I really do not like to cook with oil, but want to make sure the muffins will still be moist.

    • Chinmayie

      Hey Debbie! I haven’t really baked with apple sauce! I have heard that it can easily replace oil in most recipes though…

  • Amy

    Yum! Great flavor combination!!

  • Lindsey@Lindselicious

    What a yummy sounding muffin! Love the use of coffee and peanuts too. Plus if they are healthy I can eat more than 1 right?! =)

  • Kerry

    I’ve been seeing a lot of eggless/butterless recipes, but is having 1/2-3/4 cup of oil THAT much healthier? I’m sure on a fat content it is, but that still seems like a lot of oil. Maybe I’m just not used to seeing recipes without eggs/butter, so the oil number would have to go up. I’ve tried baking with applesauce instead of butter, so maybe that can be incorporated here.

  • The Vegetarian Diaries

    sounds really great!
    definitely gonna try these!

    best regards
    the vegetarian diaries

  • sarah

    chocolate + peanuts + coffee = a healthy muffin?!? Oh my I have got to try these!


    lovely. I like the combo a lot, all of my favourite flavours!

  • Nami @ Just One Cookbook

    They don’t look like they are egg less and butter less! I’m not a baker so I don’t know what kind of effect will occur by removing them (besides becoming healthier like you said). I do get scared when I see the instructions and see 1 stick butter (some I saw 2 sticks), 1 cup of sugar, blah blah… I’ve been telling myself that if I can control and eat adequate amount of sweets I should be okay with 1 stick butter. It should’t harm me. Then after I started to blog and I see how OFTEN all the bloggers bake sweets… Probably I see more sweet recipes than meal recipes. So, I think we do need your version and a lot of people want to get your version! I never thought of the needs to remove “good stuff” from sweets before, but now I understand… sometimes no choice!

    • Chinmayie

      I think it’s OK to indulge in butter and sugar once in a while Nami. But my problem is that when I bake an entire tray of cookies or muffins I end up eating so many!! Also like you said we all cook and bake sugary treats very often so I try my best to keep them as healthy as possible. I love having a dessert after every meal :)
      Also my daughter loves muffins and cakes so If they are healthy I don’t feel guilty to give them to her to snack on.

      • Nami @ Just One Cookbook

        You know…that’s one of the reasons why I am a little bit scared and reluctant to bake. I really have no control over sweets. The puff pastries I made… you don’t really want to know how much I ate after they came out of the oven. Like cookie monster, or worse. I think I can’t allow myself to eat any meal if I bake..because most likely I’ll use up all the kcal from baked desserts. =P Your daughter is lucky you are good cook Chinmayie!

  • Jackie

    SOOOO Yummy! Coffee and Chocolate are an amazing combo and I love the salty peanuts in the mix too!

  • Jessica

    I live with some roommates who love to eat my baking- however- recently one of them has discovered that he is both gluten and dairy intolerant.

    Have you ever tried to make these gluten-free? If no- could you give me a suggestion to try to make them gluten free? I’m pretty familiar with gluten free flours but I’m wondering if the creator has any suggestions? They look super yummy and I don’t want to botch them up!

    • Chinmayie

      Hey Jessica! I am so sorry but I don’t really know much about gluten free baking :(
      I will definitely try some gluten free baking soon and post the recipes on my blog through!!

  • Brooke

    And what did your cousin say? I expect she said, “Yum!”

  • Maria @ Scandifoodie

    They look so tasty! Wonderful treat to have at special occasions ;-)

  • Sharmilee

    Wow yummy looking muffins

  • betty

    looks gr8! i’d totally eat 3 of them hehehehhe

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