Cold Sweet Vanilla Finger Millet Porridge



Cold Sweet Vanilla Finger Millet Porridge


Last year I had shared the recipe of my favorite winter drink ‘Kashaya’. This year it’s going to be my favorite summer drink! Full-blown summer is here in Bangalore and the heat makes you want to drink something cold all day long. The recipe I am sharing today is not only ‘cold’ but also very ‘cooling’ for your entire body.

In India, Ragi or Finger Millet is believed to be a very cooling food. People eat Ragi in all forms to beat the heat of summer. My regular readers know about my love for Ragi. It’s a very nutritious wonder millet which is local, easy to grow, economical and doesn’t require too much water to cultivate.


Cold Sweet Vanilla Finger Millet Porridge


Ragi is traditionally cooked into idli, dosa, dumpling (mudde) etc. While it’s very tasty in all forms, sometimes a full meal with Ragi dumplings (Ragi Mudde) and a curry might seem too heavy for summer. A very popular way of having ragi in summer is in the form of a savory porridge known as ‘Ambli’. ‘Ragi Ambli’ is a watery porridge with a little bit of yogurt/buttermilk, finely chopped raw onions, coriander leaves, a pinch of cumin and salt. It’s normally served at room temperature and was once a popular breakfast choice amongst farmers in summer. While I enjoy an occasional bowl of ‘Ragi Ambli’, I was looking for a recipe, which I can make a part of my diet this summer on a more regular basis.

That’s when I thought of a Cold Ragi Porridge! This recipe I am sharing today is my version of the traditional Finger Millet Porridge. I have been drinking this everyday from a couple of weeks now and I am still not tired of it! Apart from it’s health benefits it’s also a delicious drink. I can confidently say that even people who are not great fans of Finger Millet will actually enjoy this drink.


Cold Sweet Vanilla Finger Millet Porridge


I have sweetened my porridge with Jaggery, which is a local traditional unrefined whole cane sugar and flavored it with Organic Vanilla Powder. The milk I am using here is Organic Whole Raw Milk. It’s very simple and easy to make but when cold it tastes like a creamy rich smoothie. I have been making big jugs of this and stocking in the refrigerator. This way I have a healthy, tasty drink on hand whenever I am hungry or when I crave for something cold. I am so thrilled that it’s replacing all those sugary preservative laden cold beverages. It makes a perfect breakfast drink as it’s very filling. A big mug of this keeps me going till mid afternoon when the heat anyway makes me want another big mug of the same porridge. I am sure you can make several variations of this with different spices but right now vanilla is keeping me happy.

While regular fruit and vegetable juices and smoothies are great, this humble millet drink is something that is not too heavy on your wallet too!  A kilo of Organic Finger Millet Flour will last you the entire summer so this is a very frugal option. Try this velvety thick porridge as breakfast or as an anytime snack this summer. It’s better for you and the planet :)


Cold Sweet Vanilla Finger Millet Porridge



Instead of jaggery, use any other sweetener of your choice. If adding Honey or maple syrup you can add it after it’s chilled.

For a vegan version of this, use soy, almond or rice milk. You can even skip milk altogether.

You can make it thicker, thinner, sweeter or milkier. Tweak it to your taste.

Please use good quality natural vanilla only.

I bought the vanilla powder from ‘Varanashi’, ragi flour and jaggery from ‘Ojas Nisarga‘, milk from ‘Akshaya Kalpa’.

This recipe makes 1 ltr of Porridge.

Some other flavours which will work very well here are cinnamon and cocoa.


Cold Sweet Vanilla Finger Millet Porridge



  • 3 tbsp Finger Miller flour
  • 2-3 tbsp jaggery powder
  • ½ tsp natural vanilla powder.
  • ½ cup milk

Combine the millet flour with about ½ cup of water and stir well. Make sure there are no lumps left. Keep this thick mixture aside.

Place 1ltr of water on the stove; add the jiggery and the millet paste and stir well. Bring it to a boil and reduce the flame. Let it simmer in low flame for 5 minutes. Keep stirring it the whole time. Now add the milk and continue to simmer for another 5 to 10 minutes. Add the vanilla powder, turn off the heat and let it cool completely.

When it reaches room temperature, pour it into a jug and refrigerate.



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  • Mansi

    Hi Chinmaya,

    In the recipe you have added ragi flour to 1/2 cup of milk.. Then while cooking everything, you add more milk.. Can you tell me how much more milk do you need to add ( just the range, I know you have mentioned that we can do it without milk as well).. Thanks

  • Arc

    Tried this today morning for breakfast.. sweetened it with maple syrup. Came out really nice. Thank you!!

  • cat @ caterinafrancesca

    I must try this! Sounds interesting, yet delicious.x

  • Anupama Puneeth

    So its regular plain ragi flour here ?, the one used for ragi mudde ? I am familar with this drink using the ‘ragi sari’ (home-made or store bought). Just wasnt sure ragi flour would be a replacement and if so thats fantastic since i get it were i live :)
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe

  • Reva

    That is one awesome flavourful drink… Very healthy and nutritious..:)

  • Shubha

    I have been making this for years only for flovouring i use cardamom pwd.This is given to babies too.Better than store bought food.

  • vidya

    i am going to try this with some banana and cinnamon, skipping the jaggery/sweeetener and milk! thanks for the idea. its hard finding gluten, dairy and sugar free food :)

  • Snehal

    We call this Ambil in Marathi. I can imagine how good it’ll taste with a hint of vanilla…mmm!

  • dassana

    healthy drink and cooling also in the summers.

  • Subha

    The drink looks like a nice refreshing one for this simmer. Will try it soon. The Varanashi website does not look like they sell thru it. Can you please let me know how you procured the vanilla from them? Thanks,

  • Kiran @

    My sister in law feeds ragi to her daughter every day. It’s so healthy, nutritious and yummy!

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