Easiest Bread Recipe EVER!



Easiest Bread Recipe EVER!


I have been baking a lot of bread lately and I recently discovered my daughters love for freshly baked bread. As I have mentioned before she is not a great fan of my other bakes and cakes but she just LOVES my bread! When I make my ‘sweet brown bread’ she just eats plain slices and if the bread is not sweet she eats it with my homemade jam.

A couple of days ago she asked for some bread in the evening. My previous loaf had just gotten over and I hated the thought of buying a loaf outside. Where I live I only get sweet white bread and supermarket loaves and I totally dislike the taste of both. At the same time it was too late in the evening (not warm enough) for me to start baking with yeast and of course my 2.5 year old was not going to wait for 5-6 hours for her bread.

I decided to bake a loaf of quick bread for her. Since I have always enjoyed baking with yeast I had never baked quick breads before. I want online searching some easy, really quick recipe. I came across multiple beer bread recipes and I was amazed with the ease of it! It also looked rustic and beautiful. Since I didn’t want to bake with beer I decided to replace it with club soda. I am so glad I attempted this because it really was one of the best tasting breads I have had.

It’s SIMPLE, easy, quick and tastes awesome! No yeast, no waiting, no oil and all whole wheat! I don’t think I have any excuse to not make my bread and buy from outside. I have always told that there is no need to fear yeast and I still stand by it but if that’s what is stopping you from baking bread PLEASE try this bread. You will be glad you did!

I used only whole wheat flour and the bread was still moist, soft with lovely crumb. I also added a tbsp of sugar for slight sweetness, skip it altogether for a more grown up taste. I added some whole flax seeds and sesame seeds for nuttiness, crunch and nutrition. I have already made a couple of different variations with rosemary and cumin and pepper. Experiment with different flavours.
Edited -Please store this loaf in the refrigerator as I felt it lacks the shelf life of a normal yeast bread.

Also this recipe is dedicated to one of my readers Malini who said her daughter is allergic to yeast breads and asked me if she could bake bread without yeast. Hope this helps you Malini…


so glad I attempted a quick bread!


It’s SIMPLE, easy, quick


No yeast, no waiting, no oil


it's also all whole wheat!


bread is moist, soft with lovely crumb


PLEASE try this bread


tasted great with homemade mango jam :)



  • 3 cups of whole wheat flour
  • 1 tsp baking powder
  • 1 tbsp sugar
  • 3 tbsp whole flax seeds
  • 3 tbsp sesame seeds
  • 2 cups of club soda

Combine all the dry ingredients and combine well. Make sure the baking-powder mixes with everything else well. Now pour 2 cups of cub soda. Measure carefully, trying not to let it froth up. It’ll froth up the moment you add it to the flour mixture. Combine everything well.

Fold the dough into a greased loaf pan. sprinkle some more flax seeds and sesame seeds on top. Bake at 200 degree C for 45-50 minutes till the toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

Wait for the loaf to cool down a bit before you cut into it.

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  • Erica

    Club soda = agua mineral (topochico creo que se llama ahora )you know the one coca cola sells and btw I live in Mexico and they do sell club soda lol

  • Tina

    Could you please send me any easy recipes. We moved to American Samoa (very humid) and I’m wanting to make our own bread. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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  • Cheri

    I really like this recipe. I loved the soft texture inside. Do you have a recommendation on a quantity of seasoning for adding more flavor (like you mentioned in your post)? Thank you for the recipe!

  • stuti

    i simple love the simplicity of ur fab blog…thk u dear

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  • ramsharma

    i tried this recipe after baking i got a very hard loaf up side its very hard to cut in slice though its a bit soft in side do guide me to make it soft inside and i thank we should add some salt for abit batter taste.

  • Lloyd

    Hi there

    I live in Mexico and club soda would be difficult for me to find. Could I use beer instead? How much beer would I use in this recipe?

  • Julia weber

    How to make white bread or sour dough without yeast

  • Julia weber

    What is club soda, is that sprite or 7 up?

  • ramsharma

    realy the bread came out very soft and flafy inside and nice crust up side though taste is very good but in my opinion we should add some salt for much batter taste.yes for blood pressure patient this bread is much more benifitial .the addition off flaxiseed benifitial for heart&colastrol .by all means its an ausom bread.thankyou

  • ramsharma

    realy its avery soft & moist bread so nice of you to teach me ayeast free tasty bread thank you sooooooomuch

  • Rita

    This Bread turned out Amazing!!

    Thank You so much, looking forward to changing it up to keep My Family Happy!

    Love the Pics..

  • st

    what is club of soda, is it bicarbonate of soda?

  • Rihanna

    Well Done this really worked out 😀 thankful so much!!! Please make more recipes beceause thats

    By Rihanna

  • Nicole

    Maybe I will try it again. Did not work out. Looks great, was easy to make…took well over an hour and a half to bake and was very dense…?

  • Shobha

    Cooking salt not required?

  • reem

    can I use sparkling water instead of club soda?

  • reem

    do u think if I can use sparkling water instead of club soda?

  • Eddo

    Hello i want to know if i should use metallic pan?cause i use glass one its stick. And to grease it it can be any oil. Or non stick spray oil?tnks

  • Eddo

    Do u think i can use any other flour.?

  • Barbara

    tried this recipe 2 days ago and love the bread, I used wholemeal flour in stead of the whole wheat flour and it turned out great and I am going to make another loaf today and I am going to try it with coconut flour and will see if that works and I will all so add some mixed herbs as well as garlic to have a different type of bread. I love your site as I am going to try out the other great recipes you have listed. Thanks for a great site with great recipes.

  • mahek

    First time on your site…
    I love this recipe and would love to try it , will let you know if I do..
    Can I substitute the flax and sesame seeds…

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  • Chethna

    Hi Chinmaye,

    I tried out this receipe and the bread came out hard as a stone.

    I avoided the club soda (since my mom is alergic to soft drinks )and did it with the rest of the ingridents.

    Just have few doubts. Do we knead the dough with warm water? Also, can we add oil in the dry ingredients and kned the dough?

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  • Pam

    I followed your recipe and made this bread tonight, cooked it 45 minutes at about 392F, tried it and the crust was like rubber and most of the bread not done, mainly the bottom, so cooked it another 10 minutes, then another 15 minutes, and finally turned the heat down to 250 and put it on the bottom rack to get the doughy bottom done. Left it there for another 1/2 hour. It never got anywhere near a baked loaf of bread. Aargh…

  • please click The Next webpage

    I need to to thank you for this good read!! I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it.
    I’ve got you saved as a favorite to check out new things you post…

  • Kacy

    Do you think this recipe would work with amaranth flour? I’m trying to find an easy, yeast and fruit free recipe for my 1yr old son- he has some sensitivities. Thank you!

  • Rachana


    I tried your recipe today. My bread was done in about 40 minutes, but I think it was little hard on the outside. Though inside was quite soft. Is that normal? I followed your recipe, except I reduced flax seeds and sesame seeds by one tbsp each and added some seasoning and dried parsley instead. Do let me know 🙂 But yes, it is tasty!

  • Vidya

    What would be the baking soda measurement if I want to substitute club soda.

  • Kalpana Sareesh

    I was searching n searching for bread recipe without yeast n this is a sure saver ..My hubby who is yeast intolerant loves sandwiches so am always forced to buy wheat bread from stores but was always worried..thank you tons..am going to try it first thing tomm morning..n let you know.. tons of love..n am also left with a big pack of flax seeds..so all into use..

  • Olivia

    Thank you for sharing! this bread looks delicious!! I would not have thought to add club soda. Is there a substitute for club soda?

  • chloe

    hi may I know is there anything else I can use to substitute the Club soda? would bicarb soda do the same trick? I am planning to bake for my bread loving 18m daughter. thank you.

  • Nazam

    Hey the recipe is good enough.thanks for sharing…but can u elaborate about mixing the ingredients ….is it with the electric beater?coz I think my bread was little too raw

  • Afrina


    I made this bread with 100% durum whole wheat flour and the bread came out hard as a rock ! It was heavy and sense and hard ..I quickly googled durum whole wheat and found out its the hardest of all wheat types so I’m thinking that’s where I went wrong ?? What kind of whole wheat flour did you use ? I mean what brand ?
    Also if I wanted to give this bread an Italian twist with garlic powder and rosemary how much should I add of each would u think ? Sorry i am a total newbie to baking bread so too many questions 🙂 please reply ! Thank u!!

  • J

    Thank you for a great, basic recipe. I am now calling this poor-time bread. it’s delicious and you can do all kinds of things to modify it.

    I added more sunflower seeds (no shell, of course) and flax seeds than the recipe called for, a little bit of sugar and then a little bit of salt (less than a teaspoon of sugar, and about 1/2 teaspoon of salt, and then some powdered vitamin c–used to keep cut fruit from browning), and then a little bit of no-salt spices (mrs. dash garlic and herb). because of the added dry ingredients, i added just a tiny bit more of the club soda.

    this was my first batch and it went well, even with cutting all the ingredients by 1/3 for something smaller. also, i didn’t have access to a bread pan so i used some buttered foil that i folded to fashion a makeshift bread pan.

    very cool recipe!

  • Tony

    I am making this bread now. I didn’t have any carbonated liquids of any sort, so I used 2 cups of water. I am pretty sure it will make the bread dense with no holes, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Thanks for sharing!

  • Esther

    i TRIED THIS AND IT TURNED OUT VERY WELl. I used a mixture of wholewheat and white flour. As recommended, leave out the sugar if you want a savour flavour.

    Really was simple and quick to make.

    I plan to experiment with a sweet version next time. (sorry, but for some reason I cannot get any cap letters !!!)

  • Pragya

    it turn out nice…. thanks for your recipe…..

  • Allison

    Tried this bread today. Didn’t have club soda so I used a couple of cans of coke zero instead. Bread came out a little too wet on the bottom, I think my liquid to solid measuring was off as it baked for 50 min. However the bread has excellent texture and lots of little and big holes, (crumb I think it’s called ). Will definitely make this again. For those wondering I only mixed the dough for about 5 min by hand with a spatula. All the ingredients were combined but the dough looked a little lumpy still. Kind of the way youd mix muffin batter so that it doesnt end up like a cake.

  • amanda

    I’m new to baking and was wondering. if you could use this recipe to make. the carrot and fruit loafs you made so you don’t. have to use yeast

  • Rob Peel

    Hmmmm….. I just decided to give this a try & was surprised that the ‘dough’ isn’t a dough so much as a batter. Well, it’s in the oven now, I’ll let you know how it turns out in an hour or so!

    • Rob Peel

      Okay, so, I really shouldn’t have worried. I definitely overmixed the batter & it didn’t rise as well as it should have, but rise it did & honestly, it tastes GREAT!
      Thanks for taking the time to post the recipe. We’ll definitely be using it in the future. 🙂

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  • Mea

    I’ll do it :)it’s so easy. Thanks for share. I’ve a nice day.

  • Christine

    I was surprised the to of the oven is only 200. I don’t think I have ever baked at that low a temperature but I am going to give it a try. .

    • Karen

      You know I saw the 200 degrees and was surprised, wondering how it was possible to cook at that temperature, but thought, ah, I’ll give it a try. Now 50 minutes later, it is no where near cooked. Dumb, it’s in Celcius. For all those also metrically deficient, that’s about 400*F. Let’s see how it cooks now!

    • Loren

      200 degrees C = 392 degrees F, which is what you’d need to bake this at.

    • Loren

      200 degrees C = 392 degrees F, which is what you’d need to bake this at.

  • Rachel

    I tried the club soda bread and mine came out very flat and dense. Nothing to what yours looks like:( I followed your instructions to the T. Is there something I could be missing? I used a stand mixer should I mix it by hand? Does the club soda need to be cold? Was super excited about this recipe and would love to still be able to make it right! Thanks!

    • Chinmayie

      Hey Rachel, Surprising your bread turned out flat! I think it could be because of using a stand mixer? It doesn’t really need to be mixed too much. Club soda has to be in room temperature. Next time mix it by hand and try if that works.

  • Loren

    The bread turned out great! I was so excited to find out how easy it is to make bread – this was my first time ever. The loaf is absolutely beautiful too. I added a smidge of organic cane sugar. I’ll be making different version of this for years to come. Yum!

  • Sharanya

    Hey Chinmayie

    do you preheat your oven before you put in your cakes. None of your baking recipes talk about pre heating?

  • Vaibhav

    KICKASS!!!! 🙂 ur gonna teach me a lot about bakin 🙂

  • Malini

    Thanks a lot,Chinmayie.Going to try it very soon.My sis,Nandhini made the Wheat bread which was awesome Thank u once again.


    • Chinmayie

      Anytime 🙂

      • Mysctyx

        I came across your recipe for club soda bread.. very eager to try it. I do have some questions though. How big of a bread pan do you normally use for this size recipe and because you do not use yeast does or can the bread rise at all or does it stay the same size a when you put it in the pan? Also is it a very dense bread or are you suppose to wait a little bit before you put it in the oven? I am new to home baking and id like to get as close to the outcome of the bread that you made. Thank you:)

  • Richa@HobbyandMore

    does it get hard without the oil? how is the texture the next day?

    • Chinmayie

      Nope, Surprisingly it’s super soft! I didn’t refrigerate the bread and it got spoilt the next day (it was a warm day) but it was still extremely soft.

  • Rekha

    simple fuss free recipe.. going to try it soon !

  • Sylvie @ Gourmande in the Kitchen

    I’ve never made a quick bread with club soda before. How interesting!

  • Brooke

    This is beautiful and it looks super yummy, too! I love flax seed!

  • Pia

    both the mango jam and the bread look divine! i’m drooling.

  • Xiaolu @ 6 Bittersweets

    Nice! it’s like an alcohol-free version of the beer bread I love.

  • Love & other Spices

    My boys are the same too and I simply don’t have much of time in hand for baking.This seems easy and delicious.Never ventured into bread making before and this recipe and photo’s scream me to try.Can i replace flax seeds with any other ingredients?

  • Rosa

    What a fabulous bread! Really very tempting and surely extremely tasty.



  • Sharmilee

    Looks so soft and yumm

  • Sanjeeta kk

    Love the flax seeds and club soda in this wonderful loaf! Simple fuss free and healthy bake.

  • Princy

    there’s no excuse why i cant bake bread now….my nightmare ingredient yeast isnt there…can i use anything instead of flax seeds??

  • Shruti

    Awesome.. Such simple recipe..Will definitely try..The temperatures are falling and I cannot wait for yeast to work its magic anymore 🙁

  • Nami | Just One Cookbook

    Thanks for the b-day wishes! So weird I was here earlier and my computer crash and I got back on and I got your comment. We were visiting each other at the same time! It seems like your bread making is getting easier and easier (which is perfect to me!). I love how this bread looks – really healthy and lots of sesame seeds! I’m not making bread at home but I’ve been eating great bread lately and I’m kind of out of control in terms of shape of my body and craving for bread. I wish there is some way that we can eat bread all we want and still maintain the body shape… heehee… by the way, mango jam sounds yummy!

  • Grit

    It looks so good and it’s without yeast! Yeahh!! 🙂
    I am definitely gonna try this. Thanks for sharing..

  • Kulsum@Journeykitchen

    its beeen ages I baked bread and this bread reminds me of how lovely homemade bread can be. the recipe sounds so simple, its almost unbelievable!

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