EDO, Japanese Restaurant & Bar – Restaurant Review




EDO, Japanese Restaurant & Bar – Restaurant Review


The ITC Gardenia Bangalore’s Sunday Brunch review continues! In my last post I wrote about our experience in the Cubbon Pavilion and all those wonderful cocktails of the Lotus Garden! As I mentioned, after a couple of drinks and some appetizers we decided to head to EDO, ITC Gardenia’s Japanese restaurant for our main meal.



EDO, Japanese Restaurant & Bar



EDO, Japanese Restaurant & Bar


That I think was one of the wisest decisions of my life! I have already shown you all those mouth watering food on display in their main brunch spread. Now when I tell you that EDO was worth abandoning all that and reserving our apatite, imagine what I am talking about! EDO was simply FABULOUS!



EDO, Japanese Restaurant & Bar



EDO, Japanese Restaurant & Bar


The name EDO is inspired by the ancient name of the city of Tokyo. EDO brings us authentic Sushi, Sashimi, Succulent Robatayaki, crisp Tempura and artful Bento Meals, accompanied by fine Japanese Sake, whiskies, culminating in a grand finale of delectable desserts, perfected by Master (Sensei) Chef Miyazaki. Designed by the well-known Japanese firm of restaurant designers, Super Potato, the design concept of EDO is that of a modern stone garden. EDO is structured around three main areas – the Robata Counter-a first in the country, a Sushi Counter with a stone waterfall in the background and semi-private dining spaces. EDO also boasts of a Sake Cellar to add to the vibrant space.



Sushi Counter


As we entered EDO we were greeted by their very courteous staff and taken to our table in the outdoor seating area. I feel in love with their minimalistic interiors immediately. It’s modern, informal and yet very elegant.



minimalistic interiors at EDO



modern and informal



very elegant!


The first thing I saw in the restaurant was the very colorful Sushi Sashimi counter. Right ahead of us was the Robatayaki counter where some fresh seafood and vegetables were being grilled to perfection. We were given a brief introduction to the restaurant, Japanese cuisine and different varieties of food on display.















Wasabi and Ginger






Shichimi, Teriyaki sauce and wooden paddle of Robatayaki



Food to be grilled!



For the meat eaters!



Chicken and prawns on the grill…



Colourful bell peppers!


Outdoor seating was great on a sunny Sunday! We got comfortable in our table and got ourselves a drink.



Outdoor seating!


Now this is not just another drink! It’s a ‘Sake Bomb’! Sake bomb is a beer cocktail and it had a very interesting animated ritual associated with it! Two chopsticks are placed on a beer glass and a sake shot is carefully balanced on them. Then the staff who served us counts till 3 in Japanese and slams the table with his fist. Sake on the chopsticks falls into the beer and you drink up the beer in one shot!! Well we couldn’t drink it in one shot but we enjoyed our meal ahead over this interesting cocktail.  Check out this video of the EDO experience and Sake bomb ritual here



Sake Bomb!



Beer cocktail


We were then presented with fresh Wasabi ground on the table! There was one authentic shark skin paddle and a metal one for vegetarians like me! Then there was fresh Matcha brought to us with which with the little bamboo mixing tool looked beautiful!



Fresh wasabi ground with shark skin



Matcha! Don’t you just love the colour!!


We started our meal with some Sushi and Sashimi!  My husband’s plate was a lot more colourful than mine, thanks to all the beautiful sashimi but my vegetarian platter looked equally appetizing! Let me be honest with you all… I was extremely nervous before I tasted the first piece of Makizushi!! I always assumed that I won’t enjoy Nori as the last time I tasted it years ago I HATED it! Since then I always avoided Japanese food especially sushi! But I am happy to say that EDO changed my mind forever!! I LOVED my makizushi! My husband also said it’s one of the best he has ever had!



My vegetarian Makizushi



It was GOOD!


Next we got assorted vegetarian and non-vegetarian Robatayaki platter. Mine consisted of bell peppers, potato, zucchini, green beans and mushrooms. Each one was succulent, smoky and perfectly cooked! It tasted so wonderful even without the accompanying Shichimi!I always love simple grilled vegetables. I was tempted to gobble up the entire platter but I decided to hold back and try the tempura.



My Robatayaki platter


My Tempura had eggplant, baby corn, mushroom, okra, and some other vegetables in it and my husband went for the classic Prawn Tempura. It was exactly what it should like! Crispy, not one bit greasy and delightfully lite, Tentsuyu sauce brought out the best flavors!



Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian Tempura with all the other delicous food!


We had to skip the main course of a vegetarian rice dish and chicken soba noodles as we were too full by then! We definitely wanted to taste the dessert! By now I had REALLY high expectations for the dessert, after all that is the highlight of a good meal ;) EDO didn’t disappoint us!



Highlight of the meal ;)


There was a Chocolate Banana Cake which was great and perfect for all the chocolate lovers. The Japanese Yuzu Lime Cheesecake was heavenly!! It’s the fluffiest, lightest cheese cake ever! Matcha Tiramisu was delicate and moist. But the dessert I fell in love with was the Sesame Ice Cream!! It really was outstanding! Very prominent sesame flavor not overpowered but too much sweetness! In fact I think that’s the best thing about all the desserts! None of them were overly sweet like our usual Indian desserts.



Japanese Yuzu Lime Cheesecake and Matcha Tiramisu



Sesame Ice Cream!!


Overall it was a very satisfying meal. We felt full yet not too stuffed and heavy, just how you must feel after a wonderful Japanese meal! If you are vegetarian in Bangalore and avoided a Japanese meal like me, it’s time you try EDO! They have many options for vegetarians in their brunch. On weekday dinners they have a vegetarian option in every single part of their menu. They have a special vegetarian fixed meal and even a vegetarian Bento Box! I finally realized why Japanese food is loved all over the world, even as a vegetarian!

EDO at the ITC Gardenia as a part of their Sunday brunch is a GREAT value for money. All brunches in the city have good food but very few offer what ITC Gardenia does which is EDO! EDO according to me stands for quality! Every ingredient is fresh which is very essential to good Japanese food. They don’t just serve Japanese food, they leave you with an experience which you will cherish. When I go to ITC brunch next time I will directly head to EDO and eat only there. Not because Cubbon Pavilion is not good but because EDO is Fabulous :)

If you are in Bangalore and want to treat yourself to something very special this weekend, head to ITC Gardenia for their Brunch N More!!



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