First B&W Wednesday entry! Bamboo Shoot



I have been seeing gorgeous black and white Wednesday posts every week from the time I started blogging. I LOVE black and white photos. But the idea of having black and white food shots is very interesting to me! I thought I will give it a shot!

Bamboo shoot

A slice of Bamboo Shoot


I am sharing a simple photo of a slice of fresh bamboo shoot in my hand. I took this photo when I was in my mom’s place. Bamboo shoot is a delicacy in my region and we eagerly wait for it every monsoon! It grows in our farms and everybody loves them! Generally fresh bamboo shoot is cut into thin slices, then soaked in water for 10 – 12 hours. We change the water at least 3 times. Then it’s boiled for 5- 10 minutes and the water is thrown away. It’s a very labor intensive process but it’s believed that these stages take away the toxins from the food. But it’s worth all the hard work!

Fresh bamboo shoot cooked with Indian spices and coconut is heavenly!!

Here’s my first entry to B&W Wednesday which is an event founded by Susan, the Well-Seasoned Cook.


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