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Red Water Apples


Fruits make me happy!

My mom is visiting us right now and she brought some fruits, vegetables and greens fresh from our farm. She got some fresh cashew fruits, red and green water apples and chikoo or sapodilla. They were all so ripe, sweet and juicy. I was ready to eat them up and suddenly realized that very few people have access to fresh cashew fruits! In fact some of you might not have seen them too. I quickly took some pictures to share it with you all…


Cashew Fruits or Cashew Apples


Cashew Fruits also known as Cashew Apples were my favorite summer fruits as a child. I still remember summer holidays in our farm meant wearing some old clothes, running barefoot into the cashew plantation, plucking the freshest red and yellow cashew fruits and enjoying them right under the tree! These juices dripping from the fruits can leave bad stains on your clothes so our moms hated the thought of ugly stained clothes. As these fruits are really fragile they can’t be transported, hence not available in markets.


Cashew Fruit and Cashew Apple


These fruits are really sweet. I don’t really know how to describe the taste. They have a strange intense smell and flavor which i believe is a very acquired taste. They can sometimes have a slight itchiness to them if not ripe enough. yellow fruits were normally sweeter but red ones looked beautiful on the cashew tree.

I grew up eating them by dozens and still love them. Knowing my love for these my moms actually carried it along with her and I am so glad she did! I relished each one of these fruits.


Cashew Fruit and Cashew Apple


Very soft with a fragile skin and need to be eaten freshly plucked from the tree. They are really juicy and refreshing.

The brown seed you see is the ‘cashew nut’. Usually the nut in separated from the rest of the fruit and the fruit itself is discarded. The nuts are then sun dried and sold. Every year we used to reserve some cashew nuts for ourselves and roast them on charcoal. The outer skin gets charred and gives a distinct smokey flavor to the cashew nuts. I am not a fan of nuts but my entire family loved snacking on these freshly roasted hot home grown chashew nuts.

We cook cashew nuts in several traditional recipes and I hope I can share more not hat sometime when I am at out farm. I am sure it will be great fun!


Cashew Fruit and Cashew Apple


Red Water Apples!


Red Water Apples


You can read more about the fruit in one of my previous posts where I made a salad and a preserve out of it. I am planning on making some preserve with this batch. I have way too many to eat.


Green Water Apples


There is one more variety of this fruit which is green!


Green Water Apples


These are Green Water Apples. They are quite different from the red ones. Unlike the red water apples these are not tart, instead they are crisp, juicy and very sweet. My daughter loved these so I don’t think they will last too long…


Green Water Apples

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  • Ana

    I grew up in the Caribbean and I’m familiar with the fruit you photograph, I love seeing them-they remind me of home! I am particularly fond of the Water Apples (we call them Pommecythere) since my grandfather had two huge trees in his backyard.
    Our fruit was bigger, about 3 inches long, and came in three varieties: red, white and purple! This post reminded me of those days!


    HI, ITS BEEN FUN READING YOUR BOG SINCE I LOVE ALL KINDS OF FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. i have two cashew trees in my home in GHANA. currently they are fruiting and like you rightly said the fruits are very juicy and the smell is just wonderful. I LIKE TO GO INTO FULL CASHEW PLANTATION AND PERHAPS SET UP A FACTORY FOR EXTRACTION JUICE AND NUTS. is it lucrative. CAN YOU SHARE SOME BUSINESS INSIGHT OF THE CASHEW WITH ME? i will post some of my fruits with you later

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