Lite & Colourful Pasta Salad!




Lite & Colourful Pasta Salad!

Do you ever plan on what to cook depending on what vegetables you bought form the local vegetable market? I do…  ALL THE TIME! Fresh fruits and vegetables are my main source of inspiration in the kitchen!

This is what happens to me most of the time I go vegetable shopping…

I see some very fresh colorful vegetable that I love. I jump out of joy and scream aloud with happiness, ‘Ravindra!! Look at these!’ I say… I stuff my cart with more than what I require. On the way back home I have a huge grin on my face. I tell my husband how I have never been this excited before about any vegetables (yeah… right!) I plan all the delicious things I can make with them… contemplate if they are better sautéed, baked or stewed. I come back home and head straight to the kitchen and then look around on what else I have on hand and how I can use the vegetables and serve it for the next meal.

This is exactly what happened this morning  :D

Check out these beautiful red cherry tomatoes and tell me you are with me! Aren’t they just perfect!



Cherry Tomatoes

I deiced that they are so fresh that they only deserve to be eaten fresh, raw in a salad! I wanted to make a salad which can be my family’s lunch. I decided to create a simple quick salad with lots of fresh vegetables in it. Healthy, easy and delicious :)



Aren’t they just perfect!


This is what I came up with!



Healthy, easy and delicious :)


There is no real recipe at all… it’s just macaroni (or any other pasta) tossed with fresh cucumbers, green bell peppers, red onion, pineapple, tiny cubes of cheese (of your choice, tomatoes and some freshly chopped basil. Sprinkle some sea salt, drizzle some good olive oil and you have a great pasta salad ready in less than 10 minutes!  It’s slightly sweet from pineapples and juicy and moist with tomatoes… very refreshing without any heavy dressing.  I served the salad with some multigrain bread toasted with olive oil till crispy.



Lite & Colourful Pasta Salad!


I am sending this Pasta Salad as my entry for Monthly Mingle where the theme is ‘Scintillating Salads’. Monthly Mingle is brain child of Meeta of ‘What’s For lunch Honey’ and the August edition is hosted by Divya of  ‘Dil se’.







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