‘Navane Dose’ Foxtail Millet Dosa, A guest post for Veganosaurus



{Due to a recent virus attack I lost a whole bunch of recipe on my blog. I am slowly working on posting them back one by one. I am going to start with the recipes I am getting most requests for. If you remember/want to try one of my earlier recipes which is now not in this blog please write to be at chinmayie.bhat@gmail.com and i’ll try to post it as soon as possible. I am basically just going to re-post the recipe as it was. So some of the content might not be so relevant today but my intention is to get them all back  and I  have over 80 posts to re-blog. Thank you! }


'Navane Dose' Foxtail Millet Dosa


Hey all! I am here with yet another millet recipe. Like I said I have been loving Foxtail Millet and use them very regularly. While I enjoy them in most forms my husband and daughter haven’t really liked it much. They definitely prefer rice and wheat over millets in our daily meals.

I don’t need to write about millets, their nutritional values and the other reasons to include more of them into your diet as I have already done it in my previous posts. But a lot of people find it hard to figure out where to start. I also understand that if you are rice+rasam loving south Indian like me, it’ll be hard for you to include a foxtail millet salad into your everyday menu.


foxtail millet or Navane


I noticed that it’s always easier to start liking a new ingredient when they are used in a familiar way. We all love our good old south Indian breakfast staple Dosas. We never get tired of them. I grew up eating all kinds of different dosas, not just the rice+lentil kind. We made dosas out of plantains, jackfruit, cucumbers, water melon rind, tender coconut, wheat, finger millets etc… some sweet, some spicy and everything in between. Having eaten all those different kinds I was sure foxtail millets would work perfect in a dosa and I wasn’t wrong.


lentils and millet dosa


If you wanted to include foxtail millet into your diet and wasn’t too sure about using it in it’s whole form, try this dosa recipe. It works like a dream and tastes super good. You don’t have to eat them not just because they are healthy! I served my dosa with some sambar but even a simple coconut chutney will be good.


'Navane Dose' Foxtail Millet Dosa


I am sharing the recipe of Foxtail Millet Dosa, at  Susmitha’s blog Veganosaurus. Susmitha is a vegan blogger from my own city. I have been following Veganosaurus from a long time, even before I started blogging. I initially came across her super cool miniature clay sculptures and beautiful jewelry which then lead me to her vegan food blog. I finally met her at a local restaurant recently in a vegan food event. The first words to slip out of my mouth were ‘I am a big fan of you and your blog’!


'Navane Dose' Foxtail Millet Dosa


Head over to to her blog for my Foxtail Millet Dosa recipe and while you are there check out her other amazing vegan creations.



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