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I am back at my mom’s place once again!

I love how flexible our lives are and how often I can come here. As both my husband and I work out of home, we can decide when, where and how much we want to work. I have not been working much after my daughter was born as I want to spend lots of time with her, cooking, eating, playing and explore life together. We are not considering enrolling her in a school in the near future as I personally believe that kids bellow 6 have very little to learn in a school environment. My daughter loves coming to her grandparents’ house. I like the fact that she is a free bird and will have a childhood filled with memories of time spent here. Lots good food, fresh air, free space and people who totally adore her! What more can a 2 year old ask for! I love it too 🙂 I wouldn’t change anything about our life! It’s nearly perfect.

After an over dose of sugar by indulging in tons of cakes and cookies, I am happy to be getting a much needed break. I am glad I don’t have an oven here which means no temptation! I am living on lots of fresh fruits, vegetables with red rice, tender coconut and green tea. It’s been just one day and I already feel lighter!

Today we had a simple stir fry/playa/sabji with long beans or string beans for lunch. Long beans or alasande (in Kannada) is a very common vegetable in this region. We grow these in our farm every monsoon. As children (I remember), crispy long beans straight out of the creeper were one of our favorite snacks.  Long beans are generally available in ‘Mangalore stores’ in Bangalore and could be available in ‘Asian stores’ outside India. Always make sure it’s fresh and tender. Long beans taste sweet and slightly crunchy when cooked right. It has a beautiful mild flavor so avoid over cooking it.

Here is a very simple, easy recipe which takes less than 10 minutes prepare. It’s tasty, nutritious and with a bowl of rice makes a great meal.











  • 1 bunch of long beans
  • 1 tbsp coconut oil
  • 1tsp de-husked black gram
  • ½ tsp black mustard seeds
  • 1 green chili
  • Salt


Clean and cut long beans into 1 inch long pieces.

Heat oil in a pan. Add de-husked black gram and black mustard seeds. When the mustard starts to splutter and the black gram turns golden from white, add the split green chili. Immediately add the chopped long beans and mix well. Now sprinkle with some salt and cover and cook for a couple of minutes. Long beans will get moist and soft. Cook it in low flame for 5 to 10 minutes. If it looks too dry sprinkle some water. Use as little water as possible and don’t overcook it. If overcooked beans will get mushy and tasteless.

Serve hot with a bowl of rice or roti/flat bread.

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