Switching to Organic Food, Thoughts, Reasons & Photos



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Switching to Organic Food, Thoughts, Reasons & Photos


A lot has changed in the way I think about food after reading Micheal Pollan, one of the biggest influences I have had in the recent times. One such changes was also the decision to switch to organic food.

I always knew organic food was the best but there were several ‘Ifs’ and ‘Buts’ coming my way to make the move. I loved the convenience of picking up vegetables from the street vendors, I liked walking into any store any day of the week to buy what I want, I liked how cheap fresh produce is normally. But suddenly all those don’t look like a good enough reason to eat food that is sprayed with harmful chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers etc. I realized that I just have to make that big but very important change in my life.


Organic food in Bangalore India


I have been mainly buying only organic vegetables and fruits from a few weeks now and I just wanted to share this with you all. I started with the produce section and now slowly moving on to grains, lentils and spices till I convert my entire kitchen into an organic one. I have been fortunate to have a wonderful organic store pretty close to home. This store called ‘Ojas Nisarga’ has a good variety of organic food products.

Let me first talk about some of the excuses I had about not switching to organic food before I started to.


Organic food in Bangalore India


I have never found good/fresh fruits and vegetables in the store:

That was because my Organic Store stocks fresh produce only on Fridays. They stock up at 4.30pm on a Friday and within a couple of hours EVERYTHING is sold out! People book in advance or stand right outside the store waiting for it to open and within minutes it’s all over.

It’s too expensive!

It’s true. Organic food costs mostly double of non-organic food.

Earlier I felt like I would rather buy tomatoes sold by my street vendor for Rs.10 instead of buying it from the organic store for Rs.30 or Rs.40. The only difference is now I have realized that both the tomatoes are very very different. One has the highest concentration of pesticides amongst all the vegetables where as the other grew without any harmful chemicals. Yes, it’s more expensive but I feel I should spend that extra money to eat better food. Some how we all think so many times before buying that one kilo of vegetable but never blink an eye while buying those packets of chips, cookies, cakes and especially while eating outside! I can buy enough organic food for my family for an entire month if I don’t eat one ‘fancy’ lunch or dinner outside and to me that was a change worth making.


Organic food in Bangalore India


It tastes the same, anyway…

My daughter and my husband both love bananas. Of late they were just not happy with how Bananas from our local supermarket tasted. Mostly they would look perfect yellow and ripe on the counter but would turn black and taste ‘chemically’ within a day or two. I can say with confidence that organic bananas taste a hundred times better than the regular one. I am slowly discovering how much better each vegetable or fruits tastes when it’s grown without any fertilizers, naturally.

I like eating broccoli, mushrooms, lettuce, etc etc which are not stocked in my organic store.

I am definitely going to miss some of my favorite vegetables which might not be available to me on a regular basis since they are not grown locally and stocked in my organic store. But there are bigger super markets which have organic sections where I might be lucky to find them once in a while. I don’t really want to let this one point affect my decision as I might still pick an occasional head of broccoli which is not organic but I am happy as long as on a regular basis i sick to organic food.


Organic food in Bangalore India


 After being convinced about wanting to shift to organic food I have discovered some wonderful reasons to stick to it.

  • Apart from all the fruits and vegetables being organic they are also local. This is very important to me as I don’t want to be contributing to global warming by getting my food shipped from the other end of the country just because it’s organic.
  • They are incredibly fresh! Most vegetables are harvested that same morning. They are not transported and stored in cold storage for days before it reaches me. Fruits here are either ripe or fully grown which will ripen at their own phase on my kitchen counter!
  • They have an amazing variety of greens here, some of which I have need seen before. I saw some wild greens which I had previously seen in our family farm only! It’s such a nice feeling to have a variety which is beyond spinach and amaranth.
  • I have always been a very spontaneous cook and never planned what to cook before. I used to buy vegetables every other day depending on what’s in season and what i felt like cooking and eating. I was afraid of having to buy vegetables only once a week and then plan my meals around it. But I am surprisingly loving it. I stock up on a lot of greens which i eat the first 2 days and then I buy vegetables which can be stored for 3-4 days so that I always have something till the next friday. I still don’t plan what to cook with it though.
  • Because I have a well stocked refrigerator and I hate to waste food, I don’t eat out much at all. I had anyway reduced eating out a lot but now there is no need to as I will never run low of fresh produce.
Organic food in Bangalore India


I have shared some photos of some of the vegetables I bought last friday. I shot them all in the evening light after I came back from shopping.


Organic food in Bangalore India



‘Ojas Nisarga’ is where I shop.

If you live in Bangalore and want to switch to organic food, here’s a useful link to you

Another interesting link ’10 reasons why organic can feed the world’

Other places in India where you can buy organic food


Have you ever considered switching to organic food? Share your thought with me…

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