Water Apple/Bell Fruit Preserve



Water Apple/Bell Fruit Preserve


Half the food I cook is born out of what is in season and what’s fresh in market. The other half is from what’s in my refrigerator, the leftovers, fruits and vegetables which needed to be used yesterday! I still haven’t learnt how to buy just enough fresh produce :( . I always tend to get over exited and buy way too much… and then I also end up cooking a lot! A lot more than what my family can eat in one day. Then as I hate throwing away food, it goes into the refrigerator and then gets transformed into something new the next day! lol…


water apples, fresh from our garden


Last week my mom was in town. She brought lots fruits from our farm which included a big bag full of water apples or bell fruits. They are also known as ‘star fruit’ locally. I have spoken about this fruit in this post where I made a wonderful salad with it. My daughter and I love these tangy fruits which are in season right now. The plant we have in our parent’s garden gives us buckets full of fruits and we just distribute it to family and friends.

After eating these tangy juicy sweet water apples to our hearts content we still had lots of it left. It has been in my refrigerator for almost a week and I knew I had to use it in some way before it goes bad. What better way to use it than make a lovely fruit preserve out of it? I simply simmered it with sugar and cinnamon and I had the most delicious fruit preserve in less than 30 minutes.


delicious fruit preserve


To be frank I was surprised at how tasty it turned out! The tangy sweet taste of water apple was perfect for a preserve. I left it chunky but you can also use finely chopped fruit. As soon as the preserve was ready I poured it with hot juices on vanilla ice cream and served it as dessert. Let me just say it tastes heavenly! It’s almost like cherries… slightly crunchy, juicy, tangy and sweet.  Serve it on toast, pancakes, waffles or oatmeal for breakfast or serve over yogurt or ice-cream for a refreshing dessert.


Served over vanilla ice-cream


While I was putting together the post and working on photos I posted a teaser on FB and Twitter and asked people to guess what fruit this it! I totally enjoyed the game… some of the fruits that people suggested were, Raspberry, Cherry, Strawberry, Rhubarb, Pomegranate, Watermelon,  Kokum, Guava, Karonda, Grapefruit, Ber, Red flesh Apple, Plum, Rose and even Tomato!! Finally my cousin guessed it right!

If you ever get water apple or bell fruit you know what to make!!


tangy, juicy and sweet water apples


water apples cut into quarters


topped with sugar and cinnamon


bell fruit preserve


water apple preserve


Tastes a little like canned cherries, only better ;)



  • 3-4 cups chopped water apple
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1-2 inches cinnamon

Clean and cut the water apple into quarters. Place them in a thick bottomed vessel and top it with sugar and cinnamon. Heat it together in low flame stirring it occasionally. Fruit will start releasing it’s pink juices and sugar will melt. Continue to cook in medium flame until the desired consistency syrup in achieved. I left my syrup quite watery.

Cool and store in an airtight container in the refrigerator. Mine got over in one day!

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